Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just to ice the cake . . .

Oh, that's an even worse pun than I realized, because I am about to update on my glucose screen - FAIL. Cut off is 130 and I came in at an astonishing 144.


Three hour glucose tolerance test up next, on Tuesday. I cannot express how delighted I am. Of course, if I have GD (as I'd expected to), then I want it known and treated. Unquestionably. But oh, it makes me so nervous - baby is already measuring/weighing ahead of the curve (good growth or macrosoma?) and that is worrisome. As is the risk of delayed lung maturity associated with diabetes (particularly when one considers I've just started taking Zoloft again, which carries a minute risk of breathing problems at birth as well) and the increased risk of prematurely aging placenta. I know I will be in good hands and continue to be monitored and everything, but the anxiety just ratcheted up ten notches.

But baby is kicking hard inside me, still head down (back to my right side, I'm guessing), so I have to suppose whatever happens we will be fine.

I'm still really unhappy about this whole GTT thing though. Been there, done that before. It's massively boring, headachey, shaky and generally not fun.

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Aoife said...

I'm so glad you've see your doc and got yourself on Zoloft - well done, it's an important step to have taken.
Re the potential GD, there's not a lot that you can do about it now except, as you say, get tested, and deal with the results. It's really crappy, and I shudder at the amount of carp you've been dealt lately.

Re: the job. I understand that it's impossible to quit, but could you talk to someone and explain that you simply have to cut down? That you'd rather do 2 things well then try to do 3 things whilst stretched too thin? If that's impossible, can you go on early maternity leave? Or could you suggest getting in your maternity leave replacement early on a part time / job share basis? It might help the transition for both you and your replacement... Just an idea.