Saturday, September 3, 2011

Update 3 - My mom

I found out last weekend that my mom is having her thyroid removed in the middle of September, because of an inconclusive biopsy.

She's been having voice problems; her voice has weakened and she constantly sounds like she's at the end of a bad cold - weak and raspy. She's been seeing a specialist, but it's been hard to pin down. More than just growing old, but nothing clear or obvious. So she's had numerous scans and things, and in an early CATscan, they found nodules on her thyroid. Now that, in itself, is not uncommon and they were not concerned at the time.

They thought they'd isolated the problem and treated it, but it apparently didn't have the success they hoped for, so in preparation for a different type of treatment, they repeated the scans and this time there was something concerning with these nodules. So it was time for a biopsy. That was inconclusive and they've decided that removal is the best option. The actual chance of cancer is low, but nevertheless . . . we want her to be safe and healthy.

So, that's happening. I'm taking time off work to go be with her. She was worried that I would be too overwhelmed when I got back. Clearly, I need to stop complaining about work, because fuck that. My mama's the important thing here. For three or four days, they should be able to deal.


Val said...

Yikes - I hope she is seeing specialists at TMC? (I drive down from Dallas to see my endocrinologist at MDA, but I've heard too many horror stories from fellow patients who were misdiagnosed/mismanaged/mutilated by the WRONG surgeries...)

bkb said...

I will think speedy recovery thoughts for her :)