Monday, September 27, 2010

Holy Mother of FUCK


Not so much pregnant as FERTILE.

Mother of god.

I was having a lot of fluid and some cramping throughout the day, so for most of it I kept thinking - ok, period is coming, period is coming, ok then. That's that.

Until I got home and had to pee and had gobs of stretchy ewcm going on. In a bit of disbelief I checked my cervix, and it is high/soft/gaping open.

Body, you can go fuck right off, as far as I'm concerned. I don't think we're on speaking terms any longer. I know I've been causing you no small amount of stress, and I'm sorry, I really, really am, but this is UNACCEPTABLE.

So for the moment, I'm sitting here in relief mixed with outrage mixed with disappointment mixed with the urge to grab my husband and insist he inseminate me immediately mixed with reminders of just how bad I felt yesterday.

Also, splitting headache. Fertile. Ugh. Work it out, reproductive organs. I'm not joking. You cause me far more trouble than you are worth, and you're not cute enough to make it worthwhile.


Missy said...

Probably the last thing you want to hear right now, but that last line made me smile. And it hurt my face. :)

B said...

oh, that's just not funny. i'm sorry your body is messing around with you :(

Kaitlyn said...

EWCM only means a surge in hormone, though right? I get it at the end of a cycle sometimes and also had it before my bfp. Maybe not what you wanted to hear, but just sayin'. Hang in there. :)

CottonSocks said...

Very true, Kaitlyn! But! It's the gaping cervix that convinced me. My cervix is never high at the end of a cycle or open like that. That's a fertility special.

And this morning's massive temp drop to 95.8 is in line with the usual drop before ovulation I get.

So we'll see. It's too bad I was out of opk's- I would be willing to bet it would have been positive!

Kaitlyn said...

Boo! Well, go jump the hubby! ;) I'm really pulling for you, btw. Kind of weird from a total internet stranger, but I truly hope the best for you and your family!