Friday, September 24, 2010

Wii would like to fuck with you.

Worth noting:

I suck at Wii baseball (and even more at the real thing. There was an incident in which my father, who coached baseball, tried to play with us, and I shrieked and ducked when he threw the ball because I was upset he was throwing it at me. He was saddened and disappointed in the sports skills of his progeny and refused to do it ever again).

That is worth noting because anytime I take their stupid fitness test and there are baseball sections I fuck it up.

I went from my best 48 to 80 tonight.

I chalked it up to 2 baseball tests that I performed abysmally on.

So then I decide to make myself feel better by doing the Power Throw Bowling training. I like making the rows fall down.

Only no matter what I did, the ball kept hooking left (irritatingly like real life). DH confirmed that my arm and wrist were straight, so I started getting upset and demanded he fix it.

Turns out SOMEONE (who wasn't me) moved the effing television. So the stupid little bar thing the Wii uses for the motion sensor wasn't straight and was skewing everything.

I am NOT 80 years old. But I'm still pissed because in my growing frustration, I think I threw out my shoulder.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya on the fitness tests. I think my best is 58 or something equally embarrassing. I suck at Baseball and Tennis so I never do well on the tests. Wii related injuries suck. Hope your shoulder feels better.


B said...


this is only funny because it's nice to hear that someone else has done this too!

hope your shoulder is better soon and that you haven't hurt it too badly.

(that shrieking and ducking thing is TOTALLY something i would've done too!)

CottonSocks said...

Heh, glad I'm not the only one in the world.

Shoulder is sore today, but otherwise ok. My husband finds the whole thing hilarious. Jerk. Of course, he has fantastic hand-eye coordination, so he just adjusted and did perfectly well.