Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

I should probably save that for a time when it is for reals and not tongue in cheek.

The Worst of Times - my hope for work being more calm this week was excessively hopeful. My goodness, I just feel like we're never ever going to be done with this crap. I had to redo everything I've done over the last two days because of a miscommunication. We're nearly done, but once this is over is a whole new set of frantic scurryings to get reconciliations done on time. Blah. At least the days move quickly - that's good, right? I frequently glance at the clock to realize that two or three hours have passed without my knowing it.

The Best of Times - but for many trials there are consolations. Basketball season has begun my friends, and the Spurs are playing tonight. Our League Pass subscription has been renewed and we are eager to see how the best offseason in recent memorable history pans out. Go Spurs Go!

And . . . that's it. I am so tired it's ridiculous. Between work and fighting off some kind of bug, I am exhausted and definitely looking forward to this coming weekend. I'm sure that being in the luteal phase is contributing too, but the good news is that my cycle seems to be regulating nicely - let's hope that continues for when we are ready to ttc again. We're probably going to take a couple of months with a relaxed whatever approach before going whole hog, but regular is never a bad thing.

Is it Friday yet?!

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Holy fuck, that was awesome. Dismantling the Hornets in such a way that that I got to see Theo Ratliff and Keith Boggins close the game is a great fucking start to the season.

Well done, Spurs. It was fantastic to see Manu in good form, Blair is indeed a beast, the defense was great (in that it existed and was active). Jefferson and Dice are fantastic additions and I can't wait to see Tony and Timmy get into better shape. Loved it. And game 2 is up tomorrow, so double the pleasure, double the fun, eh?

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