Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Final Tally

A mere 15 vials of blood, requiring 5 sticks. I spent an extra hour+ before they began, which means I am going to be late to work and I feel tired and grouchy.

But all but one test is completed (on my end). I may have to return for that one, there was confusion about it so they left it off the list as they could not get in touch with Dr. B.

I am eating a chicken salad sandwich as I type. The glucola wasn't terrible, but the combined lack of food/drink for 12+ hours and the sugar gave me a bit of vague nausea. Now to sit and wait. Some results by Thursday, others by next week from what they said.

I'm just glad that part is done and that my husband awesomely made terrific chicken salad last night and it was a short hop back to my house to eat it.

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Jessica said...

I hope that you can get some answers very soon. Good luck with everything!