Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lovely afternoon.

I had a wonderful massage today, with a therapist whose hands are strong and magical. For once, I was perfectly relaxed and walked out feeling good about my body and not at all sore - an amazing feat. That woman is magnificent.

And then I met my friend A for tea. I ordered a lovely, fragant large pot of Earl Grey and Lavender. And a chocolate chip cookie. Both quite good. I was pleased to see A walk with, her ten week old son in her arms.

Seeing him was no problem. I had had a bad moment on the way there, fretting a bit over whether she would want me to hold him or not and whether I wanted to hold him or not. Sometime ago I remember telling myself I would never hold another baby until I was holding my own in my arms again. But I saw him and cooed over him a bit and she asked if I wouldn't mind holding him as she removed her sweater because it was so warm. And I felt no hesitation.

And my goodness, was he wonderful. Small, but squirmy and curious about all the sights, smells and sounds around us, big blue eyes taking everything in. He grabbed my hair and snuggled into my neck and smelled wonderfully like a baby. Then he oblingingly fell asleep, back in her arms, and slept the remainder of the time we were there. I held him again briefly as she gathered all her stuff together and it was so nice.

And then home again, to a freshly vacuumed house and the dryer going with a load of clothes, which my husband has sweetly taken care of.

So nice.

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