Sunday, November 8, 2009


Turns out?

There is a Quest lab quite literally across the street from my house.

Cool. That should make getting there easier, as well as getting something to eat after. I'm calling tomorrow to see if I can get in Tuesday, or Wednesday if Tuesday morning is a no-go. I would schedule online, but there are so many tests, I want to be sure I'm ok to do it at that location (would suck to get there and find out no). I'm also hopeful that will make the beta series easier when we get the next positive. Because parking in the Med Center? Freaking expensive.

Clearly, I missed my calling in life and if the lottery thing doesn't work out, I am going to see about investing in/building a parking garage. I can't imagine utilities and maintenance are all that much. Given what I pay for it? I have to think the garage owners are wiping their asses with $20's.

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