Friday, January 8, 2010

I have survived thus far.

I made it through the dropping temps and managed to dress myself, get out to the car, drive to work, park, walk into work all without freezing to death.

A miracle!

(It is cold as fuck though, just to be clear. So cold, in fact, my hideous sweater from home is in my office as we speak, so I could have something warm to layer with today. And believe me, the lurid salmon and watermelon colored stripes are beyond ugly. But it's warm!)

Just wanted to let everyone know, lest you be picturing the horrifying scene from that weather movie with Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhal (the Day After Tomorrow?) where the ice shows up so super fast and freezes everything that it encroaches on the screen like a white tidal wave? And downs helicopters and crap? Yeah - that didn't happen here, nor did I wake to the sound of hoof-beats approaching.

I did have to wake a few times to shove Barney off my head. Prince always preferred to cuddle near me and lay on DH's head. Barney appears to have this reversed. Hmph. We're working on it. At least now, he gives soft little gentle licks to my face instead of the full on grooming he was trying before. But we're still working on the 'Do NOT jump on Mama's head and wake her and lick her in the middle of the freaking night, no matter how much you love her' part. I tried patiently explaining that if I'm having a bad dream it could mean he gets tossed across the bed, and Mama needs her sleep, and and and then he started licking his balls. So I'm not sure the message was received.

I hope this weekend is a warm snuggle one for all. God knows we plan to stay in most of the time. You know, on the off chance that the ice begins spreading so quickly that we'll die just by seeing it, unless we can burn our library to provide heat.

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