Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's just do this memo style:

- Apparently I way jinxed myself because my lovely temp jump that had me eating pineapple and ditching the tea? Yeah. I've no idea what caused it. Wasn't ovulation though!

- I am now back to being fertile again. Whee.

- At least we had a break, and are interested in sex again, which way better than dreading it.

- Work is very busy and very draining. And very stressful. I really would like for them to put out more details about the staff cuts because right now rumors are floating, everyone is on edge and no one really believes it when you tell them that we don't know anything. They fear that you do know something and just aren't telling them what you know. And while I think we're going to be ok, there is no guarantee.

- The dog and cat are getting along beautifully lately - we even had a full 15 minutes of both animals laying downstairs, in view of each other and it was peaceful. So naturally, we're adding a new cat to the mix. Can't let it get boring, right?

- I awesomely spilled a nearly full venti green tea latte all over my desk. Fortunately for me, it didn't get on anything irreplaceable. Still - very embarrassing.

- Ummmm, I am not sure what else. I'm stumped. I'm sure there is something. I guess I'll figure it out later?

- Oh, right. Yes. I started righting a new story. I've got about 12,000 words. I asked Dh to read it. He did. I asked how it was - how the pacing felt, if it felt natural, if the dialogue read well, if it was too dialogue heavy, etc.

His comments were that the pacing was fine, it didn't feel forced or rushed, the dialogue read naturally. I asked what he thought of it and he said that if I was going for a romantic comedy, he guessed it was all right, but it's not something he'd ever choose to read. Gee, thanks, honey!

I'm happy with it thus far though. Which is what I'm going to get back to now. Cheers!

ETA - Oh RIGHT. This is a big week in Texas Lottery. Fingers crossed the universe is finally nice to us and our terribly bad numbers come up winners in one of the games. Yes, yes, I do realize I have a better chance of conceiving natural triplets and carrying them to 32+ weeks without missing more than 3 days of work, but that is hardly the point now, is it? I like the little fantasy life we've built around winning the lottery. My house is awesome!


B said...

damned blogger eating my comments!

let's just say that i hope this is your month. in any and all ways.

Megan said...

I hope it is your month for babies AND lottery AND everything else! I like your blog. I'm not creepy, I'm on FF too. My name is SunnyBeach in case you wonder why this weirdo named Megan is reading your blog. I'm not weird, I'm just TTC too.