Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I realize it's been awhile since I updated. That's due to new kitty appearing this weekend, feeling icky and missing 2 days of work (still feel like crap), being completely absorbed in my little story (44 pages, nearly 27,000 words!), and then the fact that I am completely clueless as to what is occuring in my body.

To take these things in order:

1. Amber arrived disgruntled from her car trip and totally uncertain about this new arrangement. Barney immediately fell in love with her and followed her adoringly everywhere, trying to get close. Amber did not appreciate this, and hid. We've been separating them at night, but we let them loose today after Barney approached Amber and she allowed him to groom her. She's still not keen on sharing human attention, but she seems to be settling in. I'm not yet convinced Jonah is aware there is another cat in the house.

2. Actually, there isn't much to add. Virus? Severe allergies? All I know is fatigue, some achiness, headachey, sore throat, no fever. I did go in to work today and wish I'd stayed home.

3. I am embarrassed to be explicit about what this is, other than to generally say 'fanfiction' and duck to hide my shame. All the same, I am in love with my little story and it is so much fun to write, really. I am very pleased with the progress so far - and should it not suck, I may even let someone other than my husband read it. Which I know he would appreciate as this is about as interesting as technical manual to him.

4. I don't even know where to begin. Thought I'd ovulated early. Turned out to just be massive pain I have to assume now was a cyst. Thought I'd ovulated around cd 19 - made sense. Everything but the opk's lined up. And those can not go so well, so when my temp jumped up high, I thought ok! Then it dropped. Fertility signs returned. We had sex. Then more sex. OPK turned dark, then positive. Then stayed positive. We had some more sex. Temp went up. Then down a tenth of a degree. Then up a tenth of a degree. And for fun - my cervix is still high and fertile feeling. And today I had a bunch of ewcm. Could have been leftover semen, I suppose, but . . . I don't know. So . . . barring a dip, FF thinks I ovulated. I just wish my temps made things a bit more clear.

Really, I give. I have no control. I concede it. I would just like to be pregnant again.

Throw in the Spurs and playoffs on top of that and there you are. Not particularly interesting, but my life at the moment none the less.


Alyssa said...

This isn't related to your post, but I was wondering why you use OPKs every second day? Arent you afraid of missing your surge?

CottonSocks said...

HA! No one has ever asked that before.

I use them every other day until the line gets darker. Then I use them everyday. It just depressed me to see such a long line of negatives (I should probably start testing later), so I only record them every other day until the positive.

I use digitals, but I check the test sticks. Once the test line is about 50% of the control line darkness, I go everyday. But I actually am not too concerned because I tend to have 3-4 days of dark opk's before it goes positive.

Well spotted!

Alyssa said...

Ahh! Gotcha :) I know my surge's have been under 24 hours before, so I test at least once a day, sometimes twice a day.

Everyone's different!

PS. In case you can't tell, I stalk your chart :P

I'm hoping this is the cycle for you :)

Here's my chart, if you're interested (I'd love to know what you think - I'm 9DPO):

Stacy112699 said...