Thursday, May 13, 2010

Holding steady.

Not much is different, not much to add.

Used the first stick with the CBEFM. I'm pleased with the purchase thus far. If my cycle is readable, then I can see this being really helpful in terms of helping narrow the fertile time down a bit and maybe reduce the stress.

I'm been trying to be more healthy, including going walking. Tonight was the third time this week. One mile for now. Averaging just over 4 mph pace. I'm surprised by how good I feel afterwards. But since I pulled a muscle in my chest somehow doing this, I can't say it's my favorite thing ever.

Eating more healthfully overall, and that's good I suppose. I'm drinking green tea like there is no tomorrow. It's incredible the number of ways in which it can benefit you. Cutting back on the excess food and sweets. But man, I would love a good trip to Taco Cabana.

Things at work are ok. Things at home are ok (if messy and unorganized). I continue to write, approaching 50,000 words now. I'm sleeping ok. Just don't have much to say right now.

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