Monday, July 12, 2010

Also on my mind

Apparently I'm feeling chatty for the moment.

I could tweet this, but I feel this worthy of being shared with the masses.

'Fuck' is one of my favorite words. Truly.

It's so wonderfully appropriate to so many situations and acts as a great enhancer. And it can serve a function in so many parts of speech.

We used to joke that 'fuck' would be our child's first word.

Should we ever have one with a chance at living, it wouldn't surprise me. We use it that much. Which probably, in reality, makes us sort of trashy.

But ask me if I fucking care?


Angela said...

Oh, you make me laugh. Sometimes I wish I could meet the people I interact with online. I think you would help keep my spirits up.

Sadkitty said...

Funny! Although, now with a teenager, I have to be more careful. She likes to swear in front of me on occasion. Which, when it's necessary is appropriate, but i don't like it to pepper conversations too much. I just love to mess with kid's heads when they are getting a little too trash-talky.

Random kid:"Fucking this or fucking that..."

Lame-ass mom: "Really? Those things are having intercourse? Right there? In front of everyone?"

Emily said...

Mine too. Fucky-fuck-fuck.

I actually read an article, possibly in the paper? a magazine? I wish I could remember where, about this exact topic.

How women are using swear words more often these days (outloud maybe...I bet they always used them in their heads) and how it's really a healthy part of language.
Sometimes nothing says it better than "FUCK!!!"

So yeah, I totally fucking agree.

car said...

The response to Reid's death that my husband most appreciated was "Oh FUCK". It works well when you are tired of saying/hearing "I'm so sorry". Fuck is just a great multi-purpose word.