Friday, July 9, 2010

Not that you care . . .

. . . but my official stance on the LeBron/DWade/Bosh to Miami is as follows:

a) Meh. I follow the Spurs, and Miami is an Eastern Conference team we'll see twice unless we both happen to make it through to the NBA Finals. So, a giant whatever on that front.

b) The whole camera-crew following Bosh and hour-long special to dump your hometown on national TV was especially lame. Filled with hubris and lack of self-awareness (or showcasing of being surrounded by yes-men) - bad moves. Bill Simmons resurrected a bizarre rumor from 2 years ago that this was planned after the guys played together for the US Olympic team. Now that is an interesting tidbit.

c) Three superstars won't work. There is a reason teams don't do that. If you want to play fantasy basketball, your actual, real, in-existence team shouldn't be the arena. I hear yahoo!sports has a good offering. My biggest WTF moment in all of this is that Pat Riley is doing it.

d) LeBron doesn't owe anyone anything. He has the right to put together the best deal for him based on a variety of circumstances, which may include the chance to win a championship. So I don't fault him for leaving CLE, who had 7 years to put SOME kind of team around him and failed miserably.

However, e), I think what he's done is highlight that he is not a superstar. He's a role player. He doesn't want to be greatest of all time, he doesn't want a challenge - or he would have gone to Chicago or even NY. He wants to coast to a championship.

f) Miami is a clusterfuck. The basic fact is this - with that talent, they have no bench. They can't afford one. Anything less than a title is sheer failure. I don't think they'll win a title.

g) The bright spot in all of this is that the media will be so busy fellating Miami, they cannot possibly also fellate the Lakers, so LA coverage should drop some. Not that ESPN will be made more watchable by this move, but my Laker-hate is strong enough to appreciate whatever small break we can get.

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Stacy112699 said...

My husband has renamed him LeDrama. There was no need for an hour long special to tell us where he was going. I thought it was really tacky.

I love how everyone thinks that the Heat will win a championship now just because they have 3 big names. Everyone keeps comparing it to the Celtics and the Spurs because they have "big 3s".

The difference is we and the Celtics had other good players with a strong bench. Heat cant afford a strong bench now!

I agree with Laker hate!!

Go Spurs Go!