Thursday, July 8, 2010

What a week!

I know, I know, it's been nearly a full week since I last posted. Terrible! But we roadtripped it for fourth of July and headed on back to ole San Antone and it's never slow when we make that trip. Fitting in three families with even time and usually an extra family event on DH's side (which is fine! not complaining! it's why I now feel at ease with more of my in-laws!) is never easy; it's a complicated Tetris game of time and feelings balanced with sheer exhaustion on our parts because we never sleep well there.

This time it was made more difficult by the presence of DH's best friend in the world A - who happens to be on the verge of proposing to DH's only sister. We think that's great. My MIL disagrees. Family dispute has been on-going since they first got together about two years ago. I won't go into details, I'm too tired. But the divisions meant that we had to work in extra trips to see A & J (and A's five-year-old son) and my parents-in-law.

We returned Tuesday night, battered and exhausted. And I'm not even the one who went and chased a 5 year old around Sea World for 7 hours!

It was a nice trip though, and I'm glad we went, as we hadn't been home since Christmas. Fast-paced, but good overall.

And since then, I've been busy busy at work (not that I see that ending, ever - which is job security, I suppose, so yay?). And writing at home. I got up the courage to share what I've written so far on something to DH, and he . . . didn't hate it. He even thought it was good and wanted to read more. A good feeling. And of course, I spent hours last night and will do so again tonight doing crafty things to finish up my Christmas-in-July Secret gift exchange; tomorrow the deadline to have it mailed. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! But I'm pleased overall with it, I think. Hope she likes it, anyway.

I've also been more introspective lately, feeling a little more withdrawn. Not in a bad way, necessarily. I don't feel isolated, exactly, or lonely. This is less imposed on me, than me pulling back a bit. Though, given the vacation, I suppose it is somewhat imposed, lol. But I am feeling ok. Just . . . tentative? Waiting? Not sure. Not bad, that's the important bit, I think.

Overall, feeling well. 7/8 dpo today. Had a nice dip and recovery - which has mean exactly nothing in past - and a lovely jump today. Sadly, I think that's probably more attributable to trying to make the cats leave me be than anything. Normal symptoms for this time, so I'm doing my best to ignore and plow on through the week. Definitely looking forward to Saturday and a lie-in.

Otherwise, following NBA free agency half-heartedly, hoping the gaps are filled adequately for the Spurs. And that, friends, is my update.


biojen said...

Hey - I didn't realize we were cycle buddies. We can watch eachother go nuts for the next few days. I'm glad you had a good trip. Now take a vacation from your vacation.

The Washer said...

I didn't get a call when you were in town! LOL! Glad you had a great weekend!