Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok, so there is a first time for everything.

My temp dropped over half a degree. I started light red flow yesterday, and it has continued today. It's actually sort of borderline between heavy spotting and flow, but my general rule of thumb is that if you need a product (pad or tampon or cup or whatever), it's flow.

So, yesterday become cd 1, and I had a 33 day anovulatory cycle. That means I'm now on cycle #4. If I'm being honest, I have to admit that I'm sort of shocked. I really thought we'd have gotten pregnant by now. Still early in the game, I suppose, but I'm beginning to feel the first stirrings of fear. This only makes it more clear that I really need to get back to working out regularly. We were supposed to go tonight, but will be hitting the store instead, so I will do at least 20 minutes from a video tonight. MUST.

I'm also focusing on writing more. And I'm going to do yoga again this weekend. I will get more relaxed and hope this cycle works out.

The good news is that four is my lucky number. So yay for that! I might get very lucky on this one and be able to tell the news in person on our trip. Of course, coming off an anovulatory cycle, who knows. It could be very early and fast or very long. Hopefully better eating and regular exercise with forced relaxation will help. It can't hurt anyway, right?

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