Thursday, August 14, 2008

Something funny at my expense.

Since I've been all doom and gloom, allow me to share a funny.

Yesterday, I fell down.

I mean, DOWN. I was standing one moment, I shifted my weight, my ankle turned and my leg buckled and suddenly I was flat on my back staring at the pretty lights. I fell in front of the entire administration of the department I'm assisting.

No, that wasn't embarrassing at all. It's happened before, just a weird balance thing, and I have a healthy attitude about it - in fact, I was laughing the second I hit the floor. Cause, it was funny to me. All they saw was one minute I was standing, the next I was flat on my back. They thought I might have had a stroke or something, it was so random.

I assured them I was fine and returned to my office. I walked into my boss's office and dramatically burst out, "I can NOT go back there ever again. I am done with department X!" She was horrified and asked me what on earth happened.

I sighed, placed a hand on my forehead and said, "I fell down." My boss looked like she wanted to laugh but wasn't sure she should. I then said, even more tragically, "I sprained my dignity. I cannot go back there until it's healed." Then she really did laugh. She urged me to take some Advil so I wouldn't be so sore.

I should have listened to her. I was fine until I tried to get out of bed this morning. Apparently, I bruised my right thigh (on the rear side, near my butt cheek) pretty badly and letting go all stiff all night made it hurt pretty badly. I'm limping around today, but the longer I use it, the better it is.

Grace is my middle name, clearly!

* * * * *

Ok, a brief update on other stuff. Still no ovulation action, and I'm doubting there will be. We did an every other day thing over the past four days. I feel dried up today and my cervix is moving progressively lower - I had some ewcm this morning, and there is little there but creamy fluid now. Tomorrow morning will let us know if it could potentially be ovulation, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm guessing my body is giving up the fight after 17 days. Whether that means a period or another go in a week or so remains to be seen. Blah. It's possible it's just another psych out.

Sad though, since yesterday and today are the first days in awhile that I haven't felt ridiculously overstretched. I'm nearly cheerful today. I think making some tangible progress has helped tremendously. I also agreed to work official overtime for additional compensation. Well, I'm salaried, so I can't officially work overtime, but I agreed to work 6 hours on 4 Saturdays (not this weekend) to help them get caught up and they are paying me my hourly rate and a half per hour to do this. So I'll be earning another $700 to use for our trip. I was hesitant about this, since I hate working weekends, but I figured if I haul my lazy ass out of bed and show up at my normal time, I will be out of here by early afternoon and home for a nap. And I can wear jeans and flip flops and there will be no one around to distract me, so I can also play music. YAY! It should go by pretty quickly.

And attempting to remain cheerful . . . here are 5 good things about today:

1. It's a beautiful sunny day, with a breeze, very bearable in the shade.
2. My husband brought me coffee today.
3. I've marked stuff off my to-do list.
4. I got a good night's sleep.
5. I will have the house to myself this evening while DH enjoys some time with his friends.

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