Sunday, December 13, 2009

Busy Bee

The end of the week at work was quite busy, and this weekend continued the trend.

We didn't get as much done as hoped (particularly because I slept late on Saturday and it was gray and chilly so we were lazy most of the day. But on Sunday . . . wow. I am terribly impressed with us.

The bathroom is still clean - wooo! DH, who normally loathes Christmas decorating, was being sweet and offered to decorate after all (I told him we didn't have to). I slept late again, but was up in time to get some stuff done.

In the morning (or what was left of it), we went and got the oil changed (and the air filter changed, and the rear axle fluid changed, and the car vacuumed) and inspected (it was only two weeks overdue!). And then we went to Target, where we picked up some essentials (like bread, milk, prenatal vitamins, etc.) and then home again. I was due to meet my friend A for tea in less than an hour, so I puttered around in the house while DH started clearing the patio.

See, when it snowed? Uh, I forgot to cover the plants. Because it is so rare for it to get cold enough to matter. That means we lost a lot of plants. Whoops.

Dh was clearning those. The good news is that the plants I wanted to remove were the plants hardest hit and the bed I wanted to keep intact looks like it will survive after he pruned it - it was overdue to be cut back anyhow.

I enjoyed a nice couple of hours with A and her son, who is a total flirt and has the best toothless grin and dimples and was just so curious about the world around him.

Then back home, where we worked to decorate the patio. There is still work to be done (much of what was pruned needs to be bagged and tossed, the beds need to be turned over and the patio needs to be weeded and swept yet). But we put out a few lights and I'm happy with that, though the tree needs another strand (I'm sure we have one amidst the stuff that was in the attic).

DH pulled everything down from the attic and I started thoroughly cleaning the living room, which requires that we do a whole lotta straigtening. We both suck at that. . . and it has shown for awhile. We both tend to be a little pack-rat-ish, and there were just random things on the shelves and on the dog's crate. And now? Holy cow. It looks soooo much better. I can see the top of the dog's crate. A bunch of old paperwork is gone. I can see the top of the desk, the shelves have been largely cleared of the detritus covering them, random bags have been emptied and things put away. It's looking so . . . clean! There is still work to be done in the living room (and we won't talk about the dining room, thanks), but we've made a really terrific start.

And the tree is up and lit, though undecorated.

Hell, maybe this year I'll be willing to take pictures, lol. We're even talking about setting up our second tree downstairs in the dining room. We think we may get it clean enough to make it worthwhile.

I'm really proud of us for (finally) buckling down and sorting through, throwing out and getting things put away. Next up - the bedroom/clothes/closet, the downstairs bathroom, the dining room and a good scrubbing of the floors. Maybe we'll get that done before Christmas.

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