Monday, December 7, 2009

Who wants to take bets?

On what?

Whether or not I actually get my bathroom cleaned tonight.

I've been saying I would for, oh, a month now.

But I have an hour in between shows . . . in theory, that is the perfect time . . .

Any takers?

Also on the list for before this weekend arrives?

- laundry (both doing it and putting the clean stuff away. Stop laughing, it isn't polite)
- mend the dog's new pajamas where he scratched them up this weekend
- put away all the crap that is currently scattered over the dinning room
- dust and vacuum the living room
- clean out the fireplace
- change the sheets and do about three linen loads of laundry
- hand wash my cashmere sweaters (please let that hot chocolate stain come out of the yellow on, please please please)
- scrub the floors

Have I mentioned that putting away the laundry really involved sorting through it and creating three piles? Goodwill, summer clothes to be put away, winter clothes to be hung after sorting through all the shit DH has hung up haphazardly.

It's becoming so piled that it is beginning to get overwhelming. So I'm trying to break it into smaller pieces. In other words, tonight, my sole, singular goal is to clean the bathroom. And I'm not including the downstairs bathroom in that or the floors in that (though I will at least sweep). Just the freaking sinks and the toilets and the tub. I should be more than capable of doing those in the space of an hour.



Who am I kidding? I'm a lazy, lazy person.

ETA - Lest it sound as if I live in filth - the bathroom has been wiped down with Clorox wipes and the tub has been minimally cleaned at least twice by DH in the past month. It just needs a really thorough scrubbing, and that's my hope for tonight.

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