Monday, December 7, 2009

If you bet no, you'd be wrong.

Yes, my friends, I have a mostly clean bathroom.

The floors still need to be done and towels replaced as we do a linens load or two, but the rest? Clean! CLEAN!

Except the tub should probably be scrubbed a second time. It just needs work. But DH is going to redo his patch job and resin over a couple of new cracks and I'm really psyched about that - and he is too.

Seriously? I didn't think it would happen but Dh came upstairs with me to entertain the cat (visions of the cat lapping at Scrubbing Bubbles ran through my head) but Barnabas seemed disconcerted that we were appropriating his space and wouldn't be left out. So Dh and I alternately cleaned together and distracted Barney and we got it done.

I cannot even begin to tell you how good it feels to have accomplished even that little bit. It looks sooooo much better. And Dh thinks he can redo the patch job in such a way that it could possibly buy us another year + with the tub. Which would be, like, a miracle. Truly. And a huge weight off our minds.

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