Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Madness of It All

I'm rushing. I really shouldn't even be posting this, but I'm in a lull for a moment since a batch of bread is in the oven (please be good, please be good, please be good) and I need to be off my feet for a bit, so the fudge will have to wait and I will be as brief as possible so that I can get Dh's stocking gifts wrapped before he gets home (though I am about 75% certain that he rifled through the bags after I went to bed last night anyhow).

But damn. I'm tired.

Leaving aside the procreative attemps for the moment, there is just so much freaking stuff to do. Work has been crazy, at least for me. I am not saying it was 100% go go go - I did take my dog up to work with me for the morning yesterday, and Jonah was very, very well behaved save for the time he barked right into my coworker's dog's face, frightening him - but it was rush, rush, rush. And I had repeated back and forth sniping with a colleague who was late and wrong and trying to cover her ass by blaming me (fortunately, my boss - who is also her boss now - sided with me. HA.). The biggest problem with that is that it took up all this time I hadn't planned on, so my own work was shoved aside to fix the crisis she created. Gah. I'm so ready for this break!

And then, likewise, at home, we've been running around and around and around. Just tons of stuff - finish Christmas shopping, clean the patio, clean the house (hahahahhah, I'm awesomely funny), wash the clothes, get out the suitcases, realize we forgot someone's gift, make yet another freaking run to an overcrowded store and stand in line forever, wrap, wrap, wrap, bake bake bake.

I'm worried about the gifts for the in-laws. I had this brilliant idea to do gift bags with a small personal gift and then baked goods and sweets for the rest. So yesterday, DH made cinnamon-sugar coated nuts (and I hope they taste ok. . .), and I parceled out little baby specialty jams and weirdly flavored coffees, and I added a handful of tiny candy canes and Hershey kisses. They will also receive decorated sugar cookies, fudge and a mini-loaf of banana bread (that is currently baking and please let them be ok). I thought it would be a nice rounded sort of gift. But since I can't really taste it . . . I don't really know. The cinnamon-sugar nuts seem ok, but maybe a leetle off to me. But I'm not sure if I'm being overly critical or not. I just hate to give something that is no good or that will be mocked behind my back, you know? Or seem chintzy and parsimonious.


Ok, I have to wrap now or it won't get done.

There was a point here I was going to expound on.

Instead I'll be brief. Man, it doesn't feel like the holidays. I have just about no holiday spirit. It's been so rushed, moving from one thing to the next, fretting over gifts and money that I have nothing left. I hope I'll be able to relax after we get home, but I sure don't know. I often feel exhausted during these sorts of vacations, because we spend just as much time go go going there - trying to fit everyone in for equal amounts of time and get some time on our own and get restful sleep in less than ideal circumstances.

And that's all leaving aside the ttc stuff. Yeah. Sigh.

Maybe a rousing round of Jingle Bells will help? I certainly have enjoyed making up new and terribly un-PC lyrics to Taylor Swift's version of Last Christmas. . .

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