Thursday, June 17, 2010


I haz it.

No wonder I've not been feeling well.

I took off Tuesday and Wednesday and the plan was to dose it up with Dayquil and go in today. But when I peeled myself out of bed, I felt awful and apparently looked it, because DH was concerned.

I called in again and then my boss called to gently remind me that after 2 days out, policy requires that I bring in a doctor's note attesting to my illness and my need to be out. Not that she disbelieved me, she was quite apologetic. She just reminded me that we enforce that policy on others, so I need to follow it as well.

So I went to the doctor, care of the urgent care clinic.

Bad timing, as it was apparently company physical day, but after a wait, they got me back to see the doc. I was apologetic and said I really thought it was just a cold, but that I really felt unwell and now was required to have a note for work, so there I was. They did flu and strep tests, which were negative. Listened to my chest and confirmed I was congested and listened to my cough.

Then said 'Yep, bronchitis.' and handed me a prescription for a Z-pack and the magical note for work saying I could return on Monday. Now I'm going to take the pills and go collapse into bed and sleep away the afternoon.


The worst thing is that being actually sick, the inadvertent 6 day weekend has been wasted on me. I've not caught up on my reading or watched good tv or gotten anything done. I've slept and huddled in my chair, feeling miserable. And I feel really guilty for missing work.

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biojen said...

Get better soon! Don't worry about work, you are more important.