Friday, June 11, 2010

Week in Review

My goodness I am flipping exhausted.

Let's see. What's happened since I last found time to immortalize my words for the masses?

- Tuesday, I just didn't feel well. Didn't sleep well, I guess. Cats were bugging me throughout the night. Didn't do much Tuesday night.

- Wednesday. Inlaws in town, for one day only! Coming over to the house after a big family dinner!


I took a halfday from work to go home and clean. They've never seen the place and I wanted it to look nice. I stopped on the way home to buy new towels for the downstairs bathroom (lipstick on a pig, y'all. For real) and a new welcome mat. And lunch. The plan was to go clean furiously after I got home and ate.

What really happened was that after I ate lunch I wanted to sleep. So I laid down for 20 minutes. Next thing I knew I was looking at the clock and realizing I had to go pick up my husband NOW. So I did. Then we furiously worked on the upstairs.

See, here's the thing. We aren't neat people. And we have had clothes strewn around for awhile. And the cats got into a bag of lint we were saving for the garden. And basically, it was a disaster.

Well, we got it all cleaned up. Got all the clothes in the basket or the closet (albeit in a pile, but hey! They fit!). I didn't have time to clean the bathroom, but DH assured me it wouldn't matter, as they wouldn't come upstairs. In the end, between running downstairs and trying to dust quickly and such, I even forgot to put the newly cleaned duvet on the bed and finish making it. Yeah - it was insane.

But it looked as if people lived there relatively neatly. I mean, not magazine perfect, but not a hovel. Dinner went fine, save for some loose tooth drama with my niece. I believe the toothfairy paid her an extraordinarily expense visit (btw - I got quarters for my teeth. She got a $20 bill. I know inflation and all, but holy hell!). Then we trooped back to my house.

The inlaws seemed surprised when they said it was nice. Gratifying. It was late, so they probably couldn't see all the awfulness outside. Or where we've recently discovered the windows are leaking. Fine by me.

The dog was well-behaved and LOVED that there were kids to play with. There were arguments about treats and throwing the ball for the dog. They wanted to see the kitties, so eventually everyone trooped upstairs (to my horror). Then they left. We survived. I'm just hopeful it didn't smell like cat pee. I don't normally think it does (and God knows we Frebreezed the hell out of the house and had fresh potpourri out), but I'm always paranoid I just don't notice it.

* * * * *

In other Wednesday news - the secret is out! My brother has gotten engaged! YAY!

He called to discuss wedding plans (Puerto Rico - which means I will most likely not be attending, unfortunately) as the in-laws were leaving. I can't believe my baby brother is getting married (a year from today, actually). I'm so happy for him.

* * * * *

Thursday -

Work. Have I mentioned we have a puppy at work for the time being? She is 11 weeks old and belongs to my supervisor's boss. She is bringing her in everyday to potty train her until our new division leader begins in a few weeks. She is just so cute. Makes me want a puppy for all of 10 minutes until the repetition of (NO! Get down! Leave it! NO BITE! No whine! GOOD GIRL! GOOD GIRL!) commands makes me want to sleep.

Puppies are exhausting.

Also? Burn Notice! Yay!

Also? Nausea and sore boobs! Not yay! Opposite of yay!

Friday -

That's today. Still exhausted. Perhaps even more so. I was sleeping so well last night, because we put Amber up. So she wasn't trying to eat my hair. Unfortunately, Barney decided to substitute for her. Sigh.

I keep yawning! It's awful! And layout arrangement is tedious and boring. So progress is slow. No one wants to work. There have been quite a few puppy play-times today. Mostly, I think we're all ready for the weekend.

It's hot outside and was rainy earlier this week. Now, it's just sort of . . . steamy. Summer is not my favorite time of year, I think.

But, we're alive and it wasn't a bad week at all. Just . . . long! I'm quite relieved it's almost over. And bonus! Apart from needing to hang up all of the clothes currently piled in the closet and finish cleaning the bathroom - our house is clean!

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