Thursday, June 3, 2010

A couple of things

1) Temp jumped mightily today. Let's hope it stays up.

2) A friend recently told me she'd had a dream about me that happened at the same time something else did. Coincidence? Probably. But I cannot shake the feeling it's very meaningful.

3) Last night when we were getting ready for bed, DH shut Jonah into his crate and came upstairs to feed the cats. He couldn't find Barnabas, and that is odd, as he usually comes running at mealtime. A search commenced, including under the table and couch and in closets and I finally heard DH laugh loudly.

Barney had apparently settled himself in Jonah's crate for a nap and blended in when DH put up the dog. As they have become good friends, there were no hysterics or disaster, but Barney was relieved to be let out.

4) Today, while working, I went to change a figure from $80 to $100. Easy enough. Then I realized it was split-paid, and our portion was only 91%. I actually reached for my calculator to figure out how much 91% of $100 was.

Then I caught myself and shook my head and put in $91.

Then I realized that the split was being rounded by the formula, and it wasn't 91%, it was actually 90.52%.

So I reached for my calculator again, commenting that I needed the calculator after all, because it was harder.

Then I caught myself again and put my head on my desk and laughed until tears rolled down my face, because I? am not bright.


Catherine W said...

I do that calculator thing at work too. A lot!

Stephanie Snowe said...

I love sweet Liz. Praying for you always.