Friday, June 25, 2010

OMG, How?! HOW?

How is it possible to have become so addicted to twitter, after starting an account less than 48 hours ago?


I have WORK to do. I have . . . um . . . STUFF to do. I have a life, even if much of it is frittered away in front of the television or in writing stories about Fred and Hermione that I will never allow to see the light of day.

And yet, I am completely and utterly addicted. My feed looks schizophrenic, a bizarre mix of Spurs players/news, English actors significantly younger than myself who *may* happen to be in movies that *might* also involve Fred and Hermione (ok, I admit it, I really just sort of want to follow the Phelps twins because I totally have a crush on them, but really it's because Fred and George are my favorite characters in Harry Potter. And the twins who play them, Oliver and James, are just so damn cute. And funny. And yes, I'm 30 and happily married. So what? I don't want to shag them, just have a beer or four with them and bff's 4evah) and where was I?

Oh right.

Twitter. Feeds. I also have several comedians (Conan, Chelsea Handler, Jim Gaffigan, etc) and cast members from my two favorite cable shows (Leverage and Burn Notice). And several babyloss and IF bloggers who float around twitter.

So it's this totally bizarre mix of things and people. Fun. Enjoyable.

And apparently scarily addictive.

Because I feel twitchy when I can't check the feed update every few minutes.

Less than 48 hours, people. Very little of depth or substance. Just some funny things. WTH?! Nothing I would regret not knowing before I died.

And yet . . . maybe I should activate the internet service for our phones . . .


Alyssa said...

Whats your username?! (I love twitter.)

CottonSocks said...

I'm not quiiiiite ready to link it up with my blog yet.

But if you can find me, you can follow me. ;) Sole hint: it's not easjer.