Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You know what is awesome?

Feeling unwell.

Summer cold, I think. Chest congestion, not feeling well, achiness, fatigue, etc. I was coughing up green stuff this morning and it hurt to take a deep breath. So I said, screw it, I'm staying home.

I was up for a bit and decided to go back to bed. After all, sleep is probably the best medicine, right?

Is this a good time to mention something that you probably never wanted to know? I tend to sleep in the nude. I find it to be far more comfortable.

So you can imagine my horror and the pounding andrenaline rush of fear when I hear a booming voice outside my window.

Scared the fuck out of me.

Turns out, our neighbors are having similar issues to what we are having with their windows - some leaking. It's not clear if this is a guy checking for repairs or an estimate or an insurance claim, but because of the proximity, it sounded like it was right outside my window.

I'm just now beginning to come down from that rush.

And I still feel like shit.

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