Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well bless my soul!

No idea where the Southern is coming from today, but I've definitely had a yankerin' for some Southern sayin's.

Anyway, the small update for today is that a four day weekend packed with sleeping until 11 or so everyday has definitely restored some of my spirit. And something unexpected happened this weekend: I got a high on the CBEFM. I'd begun to despair of it, as I'd had ewcm and a high cervix but no change on the monitor. I had hoped I might go straight to peak - I know the first cycle can be off as it adjusts to you, and the fact that I am ovulating quite late doesn't help the situation. So it was exciting to see it.

And then lo! A positive opk yesterday! Good thing we went to buy more.

And then lo again! A peak. A Peak! Three filled levels and what my husband referred to as an olive in some confusion! And another positive opk today!

(to spare you, I won't discuss the copious amounts either ewcm or sex that have been occurring)

So. Apparently, things are functioning ok, if late. I even had 2 highs preceding the peak reading. And the opk's back it up, and the ov pain is another little supportive piece.

Presumably, a high temp will show up tomorrow or the next day and then the slow trip to crazy-town begins again. What is different for the moment - and I can guarantee in my best Cajun accent it won't last long - is I feel a bit of optimism.

Bets on how long it lasts? I give it until Saturday, myself.

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biojen said...

Wow, Saturday? If it were me it would last a few hours.

Good luck! I'm so hoping this is the one for you.