Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nothing new.

I have nothing to say today.

There is work stuff that I am not interested in rehashing in a public forum going on. It's consumed most of my thoughts since I returned from vacation.

I'm at least three or four days away from fertile fluid and the sex marathon if things stay on schedule. That bodes well for some non-baby making loving this weekend.

I'm tired and fat. There is that. The scale said I gained 6 pounds over where I was last week. I'm quite certain that is untrue, but I'm feeling fatter and less attractive. We've gotten totally away from the wonderful work out routine and diet we were on, and I just don't want to get back on it. I need to - both to continue to be healthier (and I felt lots better a couple months ago), and to keep my cycles on track. I am so uninterested in going to the gym tonight though.

It's just blah right now. Weather is awful, I have a headache and the weekend cannot be here quickly enough. This is the worst part of the cycle, waiting to ovulate. But I'm not even waiting to ovulate right now - I'm waiting to be fertile. It's all waiting, isn't it?

I suppose that is preparation for pregnancy, and the wait to see the doc/midwife, to hear the heartbeat, to be out of the first trimester, to have the big ultrasound, to get to the third trimester, to deliver. . . and then it's all a roller coaster ride.

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