Sunday, June 15, 2008


So, yeah. I'm old.

J and I traveled home to attend my 10-year reunion this weekend. I was really unsure of whether or not I wanted to go - there were a handful of people that I really wanted to see and I had no idea if any of them would be there. High school was ok. It wasn't tragic and it wasn't the highlight of my life. I had friends there, most of whom I lost contact with in college (since I went far away), and I had good times, but I definitely moved on from high school.

We had a good time. The tickets were expensive, the bar was cash only (and we never carry cash) and the music and food were abysmal. But it was still great because the person I most wanted to see, my friend K, showed up. In fact, most of that circle was there - all of us the same story -- we weren't sure we wanted to be there, but we went on the off chance we could see each other.

It was so great sharing the stories with people who were there and could understand why the practical joke on Christine was so fucking hilarious. It was fun to catch up and see where people are now, and my fabulous husband was wonderful, especially for having met none of these people before ever. Very good times.

Afterwards, K and her fiance an J and I went to IHOP to get something edible. K and a few others and I used to go there frequently, because it was the only thing in our town open after 9:30, lol. Boy have times changed - but it was nostalgic. The best part of everything is that K actually lives about 30 minutes from where we do. She may be leaving next winter, as she begins her OB residency - but she expects to be staying. It's her first choice, as her fiance is local to that area. We are already making plans to get together. Most of the night was spent reminiscing, with some general updates. I'm greatly looking forward to coffee and a long chat about how her life is now and what she's doing.

It's so funny she's in obstetrics now. I am crazy natural homebirth lady, but when I told her that we planned a homebirth, she asked a couple of questions (CNM? why home and not birth center?) and when I explained, she just laughed and said it sounded like we'd done our research. How refreshing!

I'm really glad we went and caught up with folks. The plans are in the works for another reunion in 5 years, and I'm good with that. There were folks I hoped to see who weren't there, but I'm so grateful for reconnecting with K. That was beyond what I could have hoped for.

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