Monday, June 30, 2008

Whoooaaaa, man, deja vu.

My temp has been the same (96.8) for three days now, and for three days now, it's been high/soft/open cervix and eggwhite fluid. I made DH take his temp to test the thermometer. It gave a different temperature, so I guess it's working ok. That's not abnormal or anything, it's the average pre-O temp. It's just odd to see the same temp three days in a row.

I hope I ovulate soon, but I'm settling in for at least a few more days, as I am still getting twinging on both ovaries, indicating follicles are still developing on both sides. That's not a bad thing necessarily, since we ended up not having sex last night after all. That was unintentionally keeping with the 'plan' of 2 days of sex, 1 night off. Sad thing was that I actually wanted to have sex yesterday, but circumstances kept getting in the way. While sex ended up being very, erm, enjoyable on Friday and Saturday, not really feeling up for it going in was a let down. Missing out on an actual urge for sex blows!

I am feeling a lot more relaxed this cycle so far. Like I've gotten out a lot of anxiety and can be more patient. I guess I'm feeling more like it's out of my hands. I mean, apart from making sure we actually have sex so that we're not attempting to recreate the immaculate conception, it is out of my hands. Maybe I'm feeling more philosophical about it all this cycle. I don't know how long it will last, so I'm just trying to enjoy it.

You know what I think the big thing is? It's more normal now. I don't feel like I'm walking around wearing a sign that says "I'm having unprotected sex in the hopes of creating spawn!" (or something like that). It's not a Thing! anymore, it's just what we're doing, like eating well or trying to hit the gym more or working on my hobbies. So that makes it more familiar.

Still, I'd like to go ahead and get pregnant. Cause you know, we want kids and all.

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