Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time to get serious.

My period is nearly gone (thank God. As I get older, PMS gets much, much worse.). Since I lost 30 pounds, my period is much more bearable. Predictable, normal cycles and average cramps and bleeding. So much better than previously, and incentive to get my still-fat-ass back to the gym tomorrow and work on losing more weight. Just a little brown spotting today and that's it.

So that means we started the temp taking process again. It was somewhat high this morning, but I was tossing and turning last night and hot. I made a note - it's still too early to worry much about it. It's also time to start checking my cervix again, and hopefully it'll be a bit smoother now that I know what I'm feeling for.

I'm hoping to have plain old normal fun sex before the concentrated sex marathon starts. We took the time to enjoy it (and we had at least 1 top 10 all time sex sessions in that last run), but since we tend to average 3 times a month, 10 times in 2 weeks wore us out. I'm hoping my fertile phase isn't quite so long this time, because I'm not sure I can take it! To be fair though, I did enjoy it last time, and we are going to work harder to make our sex life a higher priority than previously - hence why we are hoping to have sex before the marathon starts.

So, here we go again. . .

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