Monday, September 22, 2008

And then it comes crashing back down.

Temp dropped to 97.5. Still high for me, still well above the coverline, but disappointing. Did that before the 98.1 though, so I'm not totally without hope. I'm just cautiously waiting to see what happens.

In good news, the sore throat is completely gone, so I don't think (between lack of feeling warm and no swollen glands) that I was sick, so who the hell knows about these random high temps. I do hope they are high again tomorrow though, I'm itching to pee on stuff. I'm trying to hold out though, after the fiasco with the evap lines from Cycle 2.

So, about our trip. One thing we will do is have a picnic! Part of the package we purchased includes a packed picnic basket for two. It's jammed full of stuff; the deatils from the package show that it includes sandwiches, water, pasta salad, potato salad, dill pickles, potato chips, fruit, and cookies. Ok, sounds good, right? Well, lemme tell ya. That was enough food for 10 people last year. TEN. We ate three meals and assorted snacks out of that last year, and it was divine.

The food the entire trip will be divine. They make and serve a 'hot country breakfast
each morning. And they aren't messing around. It's a heavy, full, hot, balanced meal guaranteed to make you leave some on your plate and not want to think about food again until mid-afternoon. Utterly delicious and filling and satisfying.

We also received a gift certificate to a local restaurant. Same place we went last year, an upscale steak-house. OMG. I had the best mushroom soup of my life there. I wanted to lick the bowl clean and ask for seconds. We ordered the soup, entrees (I had fillet medallions and shrimp, DH had a T-Bone) which came with an enormous wedge of iceberg lettuce and homemade dressing, and each ordered a side (I ordered grilled beefsteak tomatoes stuffed with gorgonzola and chives, DH ordered Creamed Spinach) and we had to take 2/3 of it home, because there was so much food.

Saturday is going to be a heavy meal day for us, because of breakfast, the picnic, and the anniversary dinner (maybe it will celebrate more than one thing?!). The reason we decided to do it this way instead of spreading it out a bit is simple - we'll have my favorite Chinese place Friday night, and then we can pick at the picnic lunch Saturday after breakfast and only eat a little bit in preparation for dinner and then we'll eat about half at dinner, and have at least three more meals over the rest of our stay from that stuff.

Genius! And delicious!

In related news, after a trip to the post office tomorrow or Friday, I'll be picking up the last item for our goody bag. I have some new lingerie and the rest of the stuff. And I picked up several bathing related items - three different kinds of bubble bath (two for me - I intend to use the bath at least twice a day, in various formats - one for dh and I) and fizzes and soaks. Now all I need is a good book or two for my bathtime! I shouldn't need one for bedtime. . . ;)

Can you tell I'm excited? FRIDAY!

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