Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another temp jump!

98.1 today. That's the highest ever. Yesterday it dropped back down to 97.6, and I felt sort of bummed out, even though that's still high. Today, it jumped back up there. A full half-degree. Suffice it to say, I've never, never, ever seen it that way. Dh muttered 'Holy Shit!' when he saw it, and I agree.

The only reason I'm not feeling more optimistic? My throat is really sore and has been since Friday evening. I haven't seemed to be running a fever, and my glands are not swollen. I have a lot of sinus drainage and no congestion, and can only guess that the drainage is related to the soreness. Tylenol has helped (but oh, how I miss Advil - that will be my consolation if this cycle is another bust), but meh! Not enough. I'm trying to drink lots of water and warm liquids and I dug out my old-fashioned horehound drops. I'll swear by them for throat soothing.

In other potential symptoms (whether that is potential for pregnancy or PMS, I refuse to say), I have tender breasts. Not sore, as they usually are, just heavy and feeling full and tender. I have very little cramping, though a quick glance back through my charts indicates that I normally have cramping every day at this point. There are twinges, but that's it. I also had to pee nearly every hour yesterday and felt really sick to my stomach a couple of times. However, since we ate some fast food (and not enough veggies) and I was drinking lots of clear fluids to help my throat, I have to believe that these 'symptoms' are easily discounted.

Not having the internet easily available (this comes to you courtesy of Panera's wifi, btw. Love your baked egg souffles, Panera!) has both helped and hindered. I haven't spent hours obsessively pouring over charts in FF's chart gallery or staring at pictures of pee sticks to determine whether or not they are positive (did you know you can do that as a game? It's awesome! Unfortunately, the link is saved at work). I haven't spent a second at However, I haven't been distracted with other things I do online, so I've been actually analyzing myself more.

It's an exciting time, and we'll hopefully have an answer soon. The one problem is that because of the hurricane, I can't be 100% sure of my O date. I set it myself, but I could be off by two or three days, and I won't know until just before my trip. I think I'm right, naturally, but. . . the doubt lingers. I suppose we'll know if I get no + and no period when I expect them, eh?

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