Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So today we came to work. There are downed trees, few people are here, given that evacuees haven't come back, that power is still out and gas a very precious commodity. People are angry about the situation, and I'm curious to see how it turns out. It's a new president and nearly everyone, even her supporters, feel this was mismanaged badly.

As for the cable, the severed cable was not repaired and was yanked out of the ground by the winds, off the outside wall it was attached too, and slammed into our window. Fortunately no damage down, because it only had 2 feet to build up momentum. It could have been bad. A call to the company revealed that we don't actually have an appointment Wednesday, but have been rescheduled to Sept 23, naturally without being informed. No service breaks either, though this is all their fault.

I plan to call and issue very loud complaints and threats (though empty ones, because of the increase in cost in switching cable and internet providers) and at the very least get a) an apology and b) a free month or more of service or upgrades and c) someone out to fix the line sooner, because that is plain unacceptable, imo. I get that things are crazy and there is power out all over, but first, get it right the first time so this is a non-issue and don't lie repeatedly about when it will be fixed and don't be rude to me because you fucked up. This is a service we are paying for - how dare they treat us this way?! So I need to call and raise hell. Sigh. I hate confrontations like that, but I think it's necessary. I fear DH will make terroristic threats if he talks to them again.

Oh, and I'm firmly convinced I ovulated. Temp was high today - first day we could take it since Friday) and cervix has been low and closed since Saturday, and there is no cm. So, I ovulated in time for my trip and we had lots and lots of sex before and on ovulation, so I'm hopeful cycle 4 will work and we can listen to people crack hurricane baby jokes and tell us we should name the kid Ike or Tina (cause we survived Ike, geddit?). We'll see, of course. But I'm hopeful. If it doesn't work out, well, at least we'll enjoy our vacation, right?

We're doing ok. I am glad it's all over, but I feel restless. Definitely not ready to work, which makes it convenient that no one expected us to work today. I'm glad to have gotten it all out of my head and recorded somewhere, so I can remember this for next time. Though I hope there won't be a next time for a good long while.

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