Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hello again.

96.8 yet again. That's three days in a row. It's really weird and I don't like it. I need to test the thermometer again, I think. Will do when I get home.

Today is the sixth day of fertile fluid and high soft cervix. Even if I want to be seriously strict about interpretations and say the first day or two didn't count because they were more in-between than clear (FF says to record the most fertile or wet fluid for the day, where previously I recorded the average for the day), it's 5 days now. I'm a bit tired of this. Grateful we can get in another round of sex and minutely increase our chances (or at least tell ourselves that our timing was as good as possible), but tired of this phase of waiting to ovulate.

Sex has been more of a chore this time, and I know it's because we've both been tired and we've waited too late in the evening. Tonight I will not repeat that mistake. The dog will simply stay crated until we have sex. He's done it before, and he'll be fine. The problem is that once the dog is let out of his crate, DH feels bad for him. I understand, I do to! I know he loves his crate, and mostly curls up and sleeps, but it's a long time to be confined in a box (even if the box is a good three times bigger than it needs to be). Dh wants to let him roam free and get some energy out. Then it's dinner time. Then the dog gets crated again. Then he has to be let out again, and my show is on television and suddenly it's 11:00 and neither of us particularly wants to have sex, but we give it a go anyway. Usually it works out ok in the end and we get into it - but who wants to have sex when they aren't in the mood and who wants to have sex with someone who clearly isn't in the mood? It's possibly a bigger blow to the ego than being out-right rejected.

So yeah, I'm tired of the waiting game, and tired in general. I will make tonight more fun and make sure we are doing this while we have energy for it will go a long way. Also, I am shutting off the computer early (I'm working on a badly written story) and go to bed early. Maybe when I wake up, my temp will be something else (possible indicating ovulation? I can hope!).

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