Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My child is a Spurs fan.

How do I know?

Easy. As I was reading a thread today on Spurstalk, I was agreeing heartily with a post about blinders on Laker fans. Mind you, ALL teams have douchey fans and the Spurs are no exception. Ironically, many of them arguing so passionately with the blind Laker fans are equally as bad - insisting things that can't be known about the future team.

But I read a post that was extremely reasonable and balanced look at both teams and another that was a great retort in favor of the Spurs and as I nodded, I felt an agreeing tap tap tap down in my uterus.

Could I have imagined it? Sure. But I wasn't sitting there focused on anything, my mind was elsewhere.

Tap tap tap.

I think I felt my baby move.

And if it was indeed Chickie at that moment it is clear that Chickie has inherited the good Spurfan genes. Thank God, I've been really worried about how we will raise a good Spurfan in Rocketland. But it seems that Chickie comes by it naturally from the womb.


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Nlvaden said...

Congrats on feeling the baby!