Monday, July 13, 2009

Old Wives Tales

For fun, I thought I would play around with some owt's and see what they predicted.

Interestingly - nearly all predicted girl.

Chinese gender charts (lunar age and otherwise): Girl

Wedding Ring test: me, Girl; DH, Girl.

Pencil test (supposedly uber, creepy accurate): Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy/Girl, Girl. (DH and I got the same except on the fifth result where he got girl and I got boy). The weird thing is that it supposedly accounts for all pregnancies, which would mean Chickie is a girl any way you cut it. On an odd note, if that were true (which, meh), it would align with with we believed the second (Chickadee) and third (ectopic) pregnancies were. And for the sake of 'accuracy' I didn't tell DH what meant girl and what meant boy, so he couldn't subconciously influence with his preference. Three kids would be great, but six would be too many. So let's hope the uber creepy accuracy is overrated, shall we?

M/s - Girl (but this totally was untrue for any of my friends who had HG - they all had boys)

Stealing your beauty/pregnancy glow: Boy

Cravings: sour, meat, cheese = Boy, sweets = Girl, so 3:1 = Boy

Hair growth: Girl

Carrying: inconclusive

Heartrate: Girl

Cold feet: Girl

No desire for orange juice or the heel of bread: Boy

As you can see, the OWT are clearly leaning towards Girl.

And so are we, at least consciously.

And yet . . . and yet. When I was doodling the other day? I doodled our names (Gwendolyn and Gabriel, Gwen and Gabe) and Gwendolyn simply didn't feel right. And I keep calling the baby 'he' - though the fact DH continues to call the baby 'Detective Charlie Crewes' may be affecting that. . .

I guess we'll know in about 5-6 weeks (give me a moment to hyperventilate). But man, that's going to be a tough secret to keep. I have it in the back of my mind that Little Chickie is going to hold out the goods on me.

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Lindsay said...

What is the pencil test? I've never heard of this. How do you do it?