Sunday, July 5, 2009

A not so fun night

So I've always heard that one of the big benefits to pregnancy was the orgasms. Of course, I haven't had much opportunity to try this out myself, having been terrified of orgasms early on, then on pelvic rest, then back on pelvic rest. I have, however, also been told that sleep orgasms are another benefit to pregnancy, and I got to experience that last night.

I think I was dreaming of Colin Firth . . .

The orgasm was great, especially as I haven't had one in weeks (the tmi warning is there for a reason folks), but the cramping and bleeding that followed . . . not so much.

It wasn't particularly heavy bleeding or really painful cramping, but it was red bleeding and a couple of large-ish clots and any cramping that accompanies bleeding is a cause for concern, of course. I stayed very calm this time. It's not like I could do much else at 1 am. I assume the clots were related to the last bleeding episode and that the cramps forced it out. The bleeding was not really much heavier than spotting once the clots passed and today is just brown spotting when I wipe.

I called DH, calmly asked for a pad, more toilet paper (we were out) and the doppler. He sighed when I explained what was happening and we listened for Chickie. Now is a fair moment to say that Chickie has been disgustingly hiding from us - we get spikes on the monitor, occasionally hear it in the background, but haven't gotten a good listen to the h/b since Monday's adventures. DH told me several times that he had it, but then it was gone. I told him, a little tearfully, that I really needed to hear it and he kept up with it and eventually we isolated it, and then tried to sleep. Cramps kept me up for a few hours later.

And if that wasn't bad enough - though I'm proud for keeping my cool - I then had vivid, disturbing dreams, including one wherein I watched my father dying of cancer. Like, the months it took for him to die. It was agonizing and I simply could not wake up out of it.

All in all, not the holiday weekend I was hoping for. Today will be spent largely resting and keeping my feet up. I'm very aware of the fullness in my abdomen and though I think I'm probably in the clear, it's a little unnerving, you know?

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Nlvaden said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. There has got to be something that someone can do.