Monday, July 6, 2009

Normal prenatal appointment

It's such a nice thing to have.

Basically, things are fine.

I'm down to 312.5 by her scale - another 4 pounds since my last appointment. She said she is not concerned at this point, as long as I am regularly eating and eating well. Since I am supposed to gain as little as possible and since many overweight women lose early on, we're still in the clear.

Blood pressure was great - 122/74. Down from the last appointment, which was normal as well. That's always one of the concerns about obese pregnancies, so seeing it continue to be good is always going to be a positive.

Urine check was mostly ok - no protein, glucose or ketones, but there was a trace of blood, which, given the bleeding/spotting is not unexpected.

She was able to find the heartbeat, which was awesome. Chickie is hanging out in the middle there, and she said my uterus is definitely growing (which explains the mild cramps and little bit of soreness, apparently).

About the bleeding - we can't find a source, but she did say if it continues, she can refer me to a perinatologist who can take a closer look. I'm not that concerned about it right now, as the baby seems fine and the last two u/s have not found any immediate threat to the baby or pregnancy. So we'll just go along.

She has also registered her official guess of boy on 01-10-10 (right in between the 2 due dates I've been given now), which I think is funny. I'll do an expectnet game at some point, so people can make their official guesses.

Oh, and the NT testing came back. My risk of Down Syndrome went from 1:719 to 1:>10,000, and my risk of Trisomies 13/18 went from 1:1,200 to 1:>10,000. Fantastic results, which is good news.

Other than that - things are good. I'm doing my best to rest up and just chill. I did make the first purchase for the little chicken - a boppy I've wanted since I first laid eyes on it. I felt a little weird doing it, but at some point, I've got to let the rest of this fear go and this was a step towards that.

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Elaine said...

Yay for normal appointments!!