Saturday, July 18, 2009


Dh and I went to the bookstore today. We spent the trip up discussing baby items and registries and how I was feeling and such.

Once in the store, we split up. I picked up 3 books - all baby related. Baby Bargains (my edition is 2 editions old at this point), Birthing From Within, and the McCutcheon book on the Bradley method.

DH gets something else, in the graphic novel arena, that I pay little attention to.

We go to check out and the clerk glances at my stomach (yeah right, though I'd like to pretend, it's just fat, sweetheart). Then glances at the stack of books. Then at DH. Then shakes her head and bags them up.

DH started laughing when we got back to the car. I asked him what was so funny, and he asked if I noticed the clerk's behavior. I said yeah, so what? He asked if I saw what he bought. I shook my head. He pulled it out of the bag. It's a graphic novel entitled "THE END."


To sum up -

Me: Three books on pregnancy/baby

Husband: A book entitled "THE END"