Friday, February 6, 2009

My happy place.

I was talking about escapist fantasies with some friends a few minutes ago and now I'm going to lovingly describe my own fantasy for awhile, whenever I need a break from the work I HAVE to get done today.

It started with the question - If you could be anywhere other than where you are, for the next 48 hours, where would you be?

Me? I'm in bed. Not my bed, though I love it so. But around the bed are the piles of laundry to be sorted and ironed and folded and put away or washed (and all the other things). And the bathrooms need cleaning and the floors need sweeping and everything needs to be dusted and we need to go grocery shopping and in short - as lovely as my bed is, it's not restful right now, and I am longing for restful.

So I'm in another comfortable bed - it's huge and luxurious and I am alone. Apologies to DH, whom I love, but I am realizing that my alone time has been pushed aside recently and he snores, so alone it is. It's a lovely bed and breakfast - very similar to the one we stayed in last time. A lovely huge bed with soft sheets and cozy blankets and piles of pillows around me. I can see the television if I want to, but I don't. At the moment, I am just lying in bed, resting, relaxing and being. I don't have any place to be or anything that demands my attention. I feel no guilt for the things left undone, I am just snuggling into my warm cocoon of a bed.

Breakfast will be here soon. I have apparently asked that it be brought to my room, and I can hear them distantly stirring and soon, the smell of coffee will drift under my door. I go ahead and stretch, and leave my cocoon with regret. But better that than be half dressed, with wild tangled hair and morning breath. So I brush my teeth and put on lounging clothes and find my book and settle back into my nest to read.

I'm re-reading Pride and Prejudice, because I love it so. Darcy has just spilled his heart to Elizabeth and been shot down. It is one of my favorite parts of the book, because yes, here it is - the letter! They are going to fall in love once the misunderstandings are cleared up. And it requires self-reflection and recognition of personal mistakes. It's not just a rom com, you know?

Aha! And there is the door, and breakfast. Mmmmmm. Mimosa, with a cherry floating in it, and a pot of strong, delicious coffee and real cream and sugar for it. There is a lovely slice of quiche florentine, a croissant with honey and strawberry jam on the side. A delicious bowl of perfectly ripe strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew melon on the side. And how nice! Peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses pressed in for later. There is a menu option for lunch, which I'll look at in awhile. For now, I've propped myself up with the pillows, tucked my legs under and my attention is refocused on my book and I'm lost in the world of Darcy and Elizabeth once more.

The whole, lovely day spreads before me, open with possibilities and with pleasure. There is an enormous bathtub waiting for me this afternoon, and oodles of lavender bubble bath to soak in. I'll pile my hair on my hair and read my new book - a murder mystery of course - and enjoy a glass of sweet white wine. Other than that . . . there is nothing. Simply resting, and loving the peace and solitude. At some point, I may be inspired to write or to leave the room, but for now, I am full with good food, have a wonderful comfortable bed and a good book urging me to lay down and snuggle in and simply enjoy my old friends until sleep with pleasant dreams claims me.


Elaine said...

Oh, that sounds absolutely heavenly!

jess said...

Oh that sounds awesome. I think a bubble bath is in order ... with my Body Shop Pure Detox soak ...