Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What is your wish?

I have no news, since fucking douchebag doc didn't call with my lab results like he said he would. Asshole. I'm feeling fine, bleeding is nearly gone, so meh. Still definitely 'pregnant' though.

So instead of that, I started thinking about things I wish for or wish would happen.

I would like to wish for world peace and enough food for everyone and that everyone could find their love in life. I think those are good things to wish for and to work towards, but I just don't know how likely they are. So my thoughts turned more whimsical (since the lottery is unlikely to happen). Here are the 5 things I whimsically wish for right now:

- That magic were real and that we could learn it. I can think of all sorts of cool things I'd do with magic, but lamely, I am most excited about cleaning my house and redecorating with magic. Yeah. Lamesauce.

- That I could grow money by planting it in the ground. I would enjoy seeing how that one would grow. But I wouldn't tell anyone else how to do it. Mostly, when people said "Money doesn't grow on trees." I'd just laugh to myself and think "True, it's more of a viney plant . . ." Heh.

- That there was a giant playground (indoor and outdoor) for adults. Just like the kind for kids with swingsets and slides and climbing thingies and zip lines and monkey bars. And indoors - trampolines, rope swings, foamy things, mats, etc. I would get so much fucking exercise if I could play on that stuff like I did when I was a kid.

- That my dog could talk so I could see if the monologue I give to Jason when Jonah is doing something amusing is at all accurate. I bet it is. It often consists of something like this: "Um, Daddy, um, Daddy! Hi! Oh, is that for me? Cause, um Daddy, sometimes you open packages and they are for me. And I like things that are for me. I really like peanut butter. Um, Daddy, is that for me? Please Daddy, can I have some? Please? It smells really good. See, I'm sitting here really nicely and I'll stand up if you want and I'll shake. Do you want me to shake? Cause I will, because I would really like some, and see, Daddy, I'm sitting really good, and OH MY GOD IT"S FOR ME! YAY!"

- That I could choose the weather for a month or two. I think that would be a lot of fun. But I wouldn't want to do it long-term, because that would get boring and if you wanted a rainstorm and people didn't like it, they'd hate you even more than the weathermen. That would suck.


aLLieBooBeRZ said...

*super big freaking hug* I hope you get some answers real soon!

queenrandom said...

OMG you're hilarious.