Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update on the ole ute.

Or, really, to be accurate, I should say cervix.

Last beta was 73. Down from 343 two weeks prior.

Down is good. Yay for down.

Slow is bad. Boo for slow.

But the OB isn't strictly concerned - but does want me to repeat in a week to see how much lower it gets. At this rate, I'm looking at least 2 more draws, as he has to follow me down to under 5.

The bright spot in this (with my temps all over the place) is that another week or two before 0 pushes the next ovulation back a week or two. So it makes it more likely that I will be 8 weeks post shot (or more) before I ovulate again, which means that I may be in time to ttc on the next ovulation, which would be great.

Might not work, of course, but I do hate waiting to try and have been hoping I don't miss the next chance or be faced with breaking down on the principles of waiting at least 2 months post shot. So, there is that! That would be good.

Still think the greatly increased bleeding was period, and likewise still spotting. It is definitely lighter and brown only, so that is a good sign. Let's cross fingers that it continues to get lighter and lighter and actually goes away before we hit the 3 months without sex mark, shall we?

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