Monday, August 10, 2009


Bad weekend.

Short version. Bleeding. Clots. Lots of clots. 10-12 large clots. Very unnerving.

I called the OB's office today, because that was frankly outside my comfort zone. Now, understand, I've been relatively calm about things. I mean, I have freakouts, but I've accepted large clots and gushing red blood (so long as it stops) as normal for me and this pregnancy. But this was unreasonable for our new normal.

So I called.

And then I was concerned that they thought I was scamming them for an extra u/s or something. The nurse kept asking me if I understood this could continue happening and would take awhile to resolve, if it does at all.

But I asked to be seen anyway, because honestly? It is NOT NORMAL to pass several clots the size of silver dollars and so on. It's not! And I am bothered by this and I want to know the baby is ok.

So they worked me in - and the OB's office is extremely kind and helpful and understanding.

In short: most of the placenta looks great and it has moved some. But there is a little lip extending over the os of the cervix which is vascular and bleeding. Chickie appears to be fine, good normal h/r, movement (though he/she was asleep).

Doctor thinks the placenta previa will resolve by 28 weeks.

Until then, I can continue bleeding. I am now anemic and am going on iron supplements. This should help, but if my blood levels come back low, we have to monitor it more closely. The doc said if I continue bleeding, I will have to have a blood transfusion. Hopefully not this week, but I have to think of it as a possibility.

I'm doing ok, just trying to focus on the positives, but honestly, I'm totally wiped out. It's a complete mindfuck. This is not how I expected pregnancy to go, and I'd sort of like a break. I'm sure Chickie will be totally worth it (have I mentioned I can feel the baby more and more? I got squirmies and wiggles this weekend!), but getting there is hard. I'm just counting down the weeks to viability, praying we make it. There is apparently no reason to expect we won't. But man, it's been a rough ride so far.


Elaine said...

Hang in there!

shotzie said...

Oh man, I hope you get your break soon. That's got to be so unnerving. I'm glad you were able to see the baby and everything is okay. I hope that last bit of placenta moves up soon so you can put this behind you. *Hugs*