Monday, August 3, 2009

Well, things are ok.

I've survived the weekend of bedrest, and I gotta say - I hope I never have to be on real bedrest, because it sort of sucks. My back was killing me, and I was sitting up way too much.

Maybe it helped? I have had only minor clots since, with mostly brown spotting. So . . . fingers are crossed that continues.

I saw my mw today for a regular appointment and things were ok there. No weight gain, no loss - which is great for now. The less gained, the better.

No protein, no glucose in my urine - just traces of blood, which is hardly shocking.

Blood pressure was elevated, but not worrisomely so - she said she could tell I was stressed out, and that is true. Too much going on at work and I'm having money stresses (how are we ever going to afford this kid?! what were we thinking?!) and of course the bleeding is stressful too. So, she is not concerned right now, but we'll continue to keep an eye on it.

Baby was polite for the medical personnel and sat nice and still for a lovely heartbeat reading (never does for us, of course, but I guess Chickie will have good manners . . .), which was fine.

Not really much to say - things are ok, minus the bleeding, which we hope is getting better. I'm to continue resting as much as possible until we know the placenta has moved.

So yeah. Things are ok, and ok is a decent place to be.

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notsosmallfries said...

Hugs. I'm hoping things are still OK.