Thursday, February 11, 2010


I finally, finally, FINALLY got a positive opk.

Oh you beautiful smiley face, I could just kiss ya.

They'd been pretty dark the last couple of days, but not positive (to my annoyance).

I am quite tired of this cycle, as I had hoped for an earlier ovulation and an October due date should pregnancy occur again (though why I focus on putting THAT particular cart before the horse, God only knows. Due dates only matter if one gets far enough along in pregnancy for viability. And the likelihood, in a million ways, for a million reasons, is that I will deliver early by induction or c-section anyway, so it doesn't much matter (though it's possible for a natural delivery - many women with incompetent cervices go into labor shortly after the stitches are removed around 37 weeks, precisely because the stitches were what was holding things in place and the cervix begins to open without the strength of the stitches there).

Still. I'm tired of sex. So I'm quite pleased to see an end on the horizon. It's likely to be nearly 2 full weeks late (go ovulation! go ovulation!) but honestly? The longer pregnancies were conceived on quite late ovulations, so what the hell. Maybe it's a good sign.

I'll happily take a couple of days off after tomorrow (assuming the temp goes up in the morning).

I just hope the marathon is enough. And the vitamins help. And all the rest of that shit.

ETA: Jackpot again! I just beat Mah Jongg for the first time on the new laptop. Oh yeah!

Also? Pralinutta duo. Like Nutella, only half the cost. Fab.


Alyssa said...

Awesome :)

IndieBambino said...

yay for ovulation!! I hope this is it, praying hard for you honey...