Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wise words

Courtesy of my husband, upon my pointing out that my stats in FF ( are off because I had to remove all the pregnancy cycles from my stats sheet*

"Hey, you know, that's ok. We all make mistakes, and FF is not alone in that. But that's why we are friends, because we can still be ok, even when the other party makes a mistake. Of course, if you have to pay to be friends, then maybe it's not so much fertility friend as it is fertility prostitute."

*Leaving in the pregnancy cycles was throwing off my luteal phase averages by unacceptable amounts. Because they were pregnancy cycles and I had no period. So I finally threw them out of my stats analysis because it skewed too badly and annoyed me. Of course, that in turn screwed up the ovulation stats, as the pregnancy cycles were generally later ovulation days. But that's at least an average I can repair on my own.


Alyssa said...

Hi - I saw on your FF chart that you are taking B6. Curious how much you are taking?

CottonSocks said...

Hi Alyssa! I'm currently taking 50 mg daily, along with 1600 mg folic acid (in addition to the 800 in my prenatal) and 500 mcg b12.