Monday, February 1, 2010

Ugh. Temp Spike.

I don't intend to post too too much about this cycle (ironic, given that that was originally the purpose of this blog). But I'm a little wary of a .4 jump over yesterday's temp, and a jump that is higher than any temp of the past five days.

I haven't had much by way of fertility signs. A teeny bit of ewcm yesterday, more the night before - but given that it was after sex, I'm inclined to write it off. Cervix has never been fully open, but it's been high enough to worry me. No positive opk yet, but one darker than others, two days ago.

All my planning for this cycle was based around resignation that ovulation would be later in the cycle than I'd like and I'd cut out green tea, which I think has made a difference, in that today is cd 15, and no copious amounts of ewcm, which doesn't meet up with my other charts in which green tea was consumed. Regardless, we've only had sex once, with the idea that we would pace it until we got closer to when I expected ovulation so we wouldn't be quite so worn out.

I don't think I ovulated, though we'll have a better idea later today and tomorrow when I see what happens. But I can't tell you how annoyed I would be if I actually did ovulate on cd 14 and didn't even get to take advantage of it with a decent shot at conception. Let alone how annoyed I'll be if it turns out I should be drinking the damn tea after all.

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