Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well, internets/readers

You, the people, have spoken.

48% of you think ovulation happened on cd 25.
28% of you think ovulation happened on cd 26.
12% of you think ovulation happened on cd 27.
8 % of you think ovulation happened on cd 28.

And yes, I am acutely aware that doesn't equal 100%. Blame FF, not me.

Speaking of FF being all whacky and whatnot - As of yesterday, FAM settings now give me cd 26, as does Research setting. Before it was all the same on cd 25. No clue there, at all.

But since we are 6/7 days past ovulation, eyes are turning to the grand prize - testing and possibly pregnancy.

So, lo, a new poll has been set on my homepage at ff (found here) - and YOU can decide if you think this cycle has a chance or not. Knock yourselves out. As it is anonymous, there is no prize for guessing correctly (is there a correct guess with answers like 'Not Promising' and 'Possibly Promising'?). Sorry. Still, it's riotous fun for the whole family or something.

Just to help you along, I had some cramping yesterday, in the middle to left side of the lower abdomen. Not quite where I feel ovulation cramps, more center of that, but not in the middle and not general contracting cramps like I feel during menses. I was also nauseated, though today it doesn't seem to be such an issue (that could be Zoloft stuff. It could also be in my head. Wheeeee). I am very gassy. Embarrasingly so. I can't remember if that is a typical 2ww thing (I don't recall that from October and November, but I do from last craptacular cycle) or no. Boobs are off an on mildly achey, which is normal. I am completely wiped out and lose a lot of energy around 1-2 each day (could that be because I've been going to bed late? Surely not! That would interfere with obsessing! Down with logic! Off with its head!).

Have fun. (oh, special note. Should anyone stare as obsessively at my chart as I do - um, seek professional help - you may have noted a change in yesterday's temperature. That is because Dh takes me temperature and tells me what it is. In a sleep-induced haze, he told me 97.3, which was the same as the previous two mornings. In fact, when I tested the thermometer to see if it was working properly, it flashed up 97.1 from the memory. Hence, the change. You may also notice it flashing back and forth between ovulation on cd 25 and 26. I get bored and fuck with it. Sue me.)

In other news, I woke up feeling downright cheerful. The continuous feeds of lovely lovely druggies seems to have made my sleep a lot more restful. Thank goodness. Soon I start the full dose, so I suppose then I'll see how it's really reacting for me/with me. I feel more anxious and seem to get more worked up on the Zoloft than I did on Pristiq, and I hope that stops once there is uninterrupted dosing at the correct level.

Anything else? Um, not really. I'm still fucking tired of expense reports, but not much looking forward to tackling the List Of Projects my boss has been gleefully compiling. To be fair, it's the first time in a year we've actually been working in a harmony and completely on top of things to really tackle this stuff, but still. She gets a manic gleam in her eye when she thinks of yet another thing and I'm a little intimidated by how much is there.

But since my lunch is winding to a close, I suppose it's time to get on with it.

OH! That's something else. I've been making enormous salads to eat for lunch with wonderful things like tomatoes, handfuls of spinach or kale, mixed greens, shredded carrot, sprouts and suchlike to eat everyday and I love it love it love it. I can change it up (I usually include chicken or beef on top) a ton of ways and it's still soooo yummy. Aren't you happy to know that?

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Hey - I left something for you on my blog - first post. Scroll down a little ways till you see your blog name. :)