Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Temp dropped half a degree this morning.

And cm is definitely fertile.

No ovulation! Not generally something I get excited about, but in this case, I'm glad for the reprieve. I think we'll take tonight off and then start the marathon Wednesday, with an eye towards (fingers crossed) an ovulation date around cd 21 or so. I'd really like to sneak into October if we conceive this month (though I'm coming around mentally to an induction date, and should actually conceive, that would happen in October anyway). I know it's foolish to even consider such things, but, well, there you are anyhow.

Back to regularly scheduled . . . something else-ness, I guess.

Hey guess I'm eating for lunch this week? Southeast Asian Grilled Beef Salad. Somewhere, no doubt, my friend Cathy is shaking her head or chuckling, as she gave me the recipe and I've made it no less than 4 times over the past few weeks once I rediscovered it.

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